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I am a Master in Service Experience Design and Innovation and I am a graduate of the University of the Arts London. However, the flexibility of our course which is based on practical projects, gives me the opportunity to look for other occasions to extend my experience in the service design field.

My passion for service design came from my need to use more user-cantered, fun, and engaging methods in my previous team – in the Family Business Institute in Poland. Then, the experience I was able to gain from working on projects organized by our University (Camden Council, Lambeth Council, Decathlon company, Plan UK charity organization, and Samsung Art and Design Institute in Seoul, South Korea), as well as my own Major project concentrating on family businesses, gave me a clear understanding of the service design process, the meaning of users and their engagement in the project, and my role in team as a service designer, which is something that I truly want to do in my life.

In this section I would like to provide you with some details about the service design projects that I had the opportunity to work on.


STARS for family business

Zrzut ekranu 2017-12-01 o 20.58.47My major project (July-December 2017) was a great opportunity to combine my passion for family businesses, with the service design methodology and its tools. By working with family business members throughout the co-creation and co-design workshops, I was really able to understand their perspective and hopefully design a tool which would support their succession challenges.

The STARS focuses on five key aspects of the family business and stimulates the intergenerational communication which is key to their future as a business, and as a family.


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Samsung Art and Design Institute

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In June 2017 I had the opportunity to travel to Seoul in South Korea and work on a service design project with Korean Communication Design students for the Seoul Up-cycling Plaza centre.


The project followed the service design double diamond model – and through the co-designing methods and tools – our international teams managed to come up with concepts that were an answer for the given brief, concentrating on the awareness and promotion of up-cycling in Seoul. Besides the amazing work – we experienced the Korean culture and… made close friendships with our Korean teammates!


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PLAN UK International – charity organisation

In July, 2017 I was working on a project for PLAN UK International – and the brief wat about helping the organisation to come up with a creative way to demonstrate the collective voice of their supporters.

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Throughout the process I was able to conduct deep research, interview potential supporters, and the PLAN UK employees, organise the ideation and prototype workshops with the target audience and came up with 4 potential concepts, which were developed and presented for implementation.


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Decathlon Service Design Sprint


In May, 2017 I had an amazing opportunity to work on a service design sprint for the Decathlon Lakeside. The challenge was to improve the experience of the currently working managers.

It was a one-week long sprint – which was the most intense project I had to work on so far. I was able to interview the managers, some of the customers of the store, Decathlon employees, work in international team, co-design with them, prototype and test the concept that was created – and iterate after the received feedback. Amazing experience!


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Young Lambeth Cooperative

In January, 2017, I was a part of the team working for the Young Lambeth Cooperative organisation – the challenge was to engage young people from the Borough of Lambeth in activities being organised by local organisations and dedicated to young people.

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The project focused on discovering and mapping all the organisations In the Borough of Lambeth dedicating the services to young people – and thinking of the way to connect them with Young Lambeth Cooperative and the young users.


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Global Service Design Jam 2017

I would never miss such an amazing opportunity to jam with the local service designers! This year’s London edition was my first one – but the finitely not the last!


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Camden Council – Social Care Project

Between October,  2016 and January, 2017 I was working for the Camden Council in London. The service design brief was about improving the experience of people using the social health care system. The direction was very wide – however, after the deep research, co-creation activities and co-design workshops, our team concentrated on enabling local public areas to become more recognised and creating long-term fulfilling environment for elderly community members.



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Congresses and organisational experience

Currently, I also voluntarily work for the Family Business Institute in Poland – the country I come from. Main main tasks include: organisation and office management, writing articles, information and press notes about family businesses, promoting the activities of the company, preparing and sending monthly newsletters, as well as organising the International Family Business Congress, moderating the Next G Congress, and organising workshops.


10.2017 – II Next G – Family Business Successors Congress – organising and hosting the event for polish family business successors, running a service design workshop


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04.2017 – IV International Family Business Congress – part of the organization team and organizing a service design workshop


– I Next G – Family Business Successors Congress – organising and hosting the event for polish family business successors


04.2016 – III International Family Business Congress – part of the organization team
03.2015 – II International Family Business Congress – part of the organization team
05.2014 – I International Family Business Congress – part of the organization team


Publications – family business world


Because of my only increasing passion for family businesses – I write many stories and case studies about their challenges, successful succession processes, and histories. I was lucky enough to be published in two family business magazines.

Family Business Magazine: Family Business Management No 5
03.2017 – published article – Hyundai and Fort – family giants in the motorisation market


Family Business Magazine: Family Business Management No 4
12.2016 – published article – British Poundland – sold success of family business

Family Business Magazine: Family Business Management No 3
09.2016 – published article – Marriott – successors choice gives hope for the stable future

Family Business Magazine: Family Business Management No 2
06.2016 – published article – Trendy family business… Trussardi

Family Business Magazine: Family Business Management No 1
04.2016 – published article – LEGO – who stands behind the success of those well-known toys?

And the other Magazin – RELACJE (Eng. relations) – Family Businesses Magazine – which is a bimonthly magazine published within the framework of the project “FIRMY RODZINNE 2” – the initiative of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development and the Family Business Initiative Association.


12.2015 – published article – Does being a leader must be hard? Successors perspective
06.2015 – published article – Discussion lodge for family businesses in the project Codes of Values
04.2015 – published article – Succession, succession and… it’s already over.
03.2015 – published article – Innovations – collision of the successors perspective
01.2015 – published article – Two generations – two different perspectives
12.2014 – published article – Working together but… with the Philippian son-in -law?10.2014 – published article – Genes, genes, genes… – is that true what they say about us?08.2014 – publisher article – Looking for family businesses
06.2014 – published article – Value of money- family vs. business – is it mine, yours or…ours?
02.2014 – published article – Succession – a dream, a destiny or a curse?


Service Design Workshops

I was able to organise few workshops – within family business family members and my team from Poland – all about the service design methodology and tools enabling understanding the users better. I prepared my tools to help them follow the process:

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Using those tools – combined with the full engagement of the participants – I was able to take my team mates from the Family Business Institute through the whole journey and help them understand and experience the service design flow.

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Moreover, during the International Family Business Congress – I was able once again – using the tools and the double diamond structure – explain to the family business members what is the purpose of service design and how could they implement the methodology and the user-centerer approach in their own companies.

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The latest experience I was able to gain this October, during the second edition of the NEXT GENERATION congress, which I was moderating, as well as I was running a service design workshop for family business successors – testing their perspectives on key factors determining successful intergenerational change.

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Previous and current education


2016 – until now, University of the Arts in London, London Collage of Communication, MA Service Experience Design and Innovation



2013 – 2015
Poznan School of Banking, Program: Management, Specialization: Corporate Management – graduated Bachelor Program with high results


2012 – 2013 Poznan University of Economics, Department of Management, Specialization: Management

2008 – 2009, 2010 – 2012 High School of the Ursuline Sisters of the Roman Union in Poznan – graduated with high results

2009 – 2010 Cheyenne Mountain High School, Colorado Springs, CO, United States of America – international student exchange, senior year, graduated with high results